Hi there, it’s your friend Arom!

I’m a designer and a photographer from Seoul, Korea. I recently graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from San José State University. I am currently based in San Francisco Bay area, and working as a Co-op UX and Visual Designer in Data and AI team at IBM Silicon Valley Lab.

For me, inspiration and motivation can come from a number of practices. I strive to open myself to learning new skills and let the learning inspire and challenge me. By paying attention to my surroundings and looking for opportunities to gain knowledge, I improve as a designer. In my exploration, I am not afraid to try different approaches to discover new ways of solving problems. Pushing beyond boundaries is how I move forward to bigger and better things. My motto is: learning by doing.

I strongly believe design is a great tool to tell stories, encourage dialogues, and influence changes. I hope to grow in a creative environment where design is not just a marketing means to sell things, but encourage people to think, feel and react.

In my free time, I usually go out take photos, visit galleries/museums and cafes to enjoy great coffee while people watching.

Read more about me on my résumé, and feel free to contact me at aromleedesign@gmail.com.

Thanks for coming by!


Me in Kyoto, 2018

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