NYCTA Graphics
Standard Manual 




Seeing the Statue of Liberty. Visiting the Empire State Building. Chilling at Central Park. Riding yellow cabs. They are all part of the must-try Big Apple experience. However, what makes the experience possible and complete is the New York City subway system. Whether it is a resident or a visitor, millions use the 114-year-old system every single day. The NYC subway transports masses of people to their destination every day, but, how is that possible? This insanely complex infrastructure wasn't always what we see today. The subway system is still known for its maze-like complexity, however, navigating it was chaotic until two designers—Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda—stepped in and reconstructed the entire subway graphic standard into what it is today. The current NYC subway system isn't exactly what they designed, but that their design was the beginning. It is one of the earliest examples of user experience design, and it has changed the way people ride today. This poster encaptulates the historical significance— New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standard Manual.


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