Product Design


UI & UX Design / Art Direction


Emma Spitzer

Plantea is a plant-growing app which motivates one to stay hydrated by means of drinking tea. This app keeps track of daily tea inntake and sets reminders to keep users on track. A reward system is put in place where one’s progress allows them to grow digital plants, and upon completion of a goal, they are able to plant them in a personal garden.

There are many things in our lives we need to keep track of on a daily basis—work, school, projects, social life, exercise, nutrition, etc. We sometimes find simple tasks incredibly difficult to manage. We actually tend to remember and accomplish larger tasks in comparison. There isn’t a singular reason as to why.

We started with this idea, and asked how we could help people track the stuff that is truly important in their lives, whether it be eating healthy, walking more, or simply staying hydrated. We reflected on our own habits, thinking about, as students, what simple yet important tasks we often forget or put aside—most importantly, why. No matter how big the daily goal is, one of primary causes of lack of motivation was being too busy or distracted by more important daily tasks. There are any number of solutions, whether digital or physical. We narrowed the issue down to a handful. We targeted the facts that many products attempting to serve as solutions were lacking in user reward, or are simply to hard to keep track of. So, we decided to figure out what types of daily goals people seem to have the most trouble with and solved for them. This included everything from conducting surveys to interviews to figure out what people struggle with the most.

Through surveys, we learned that many people find it difficult to keep track of their water intake, and often develop unhealthy habits. People also answered that keeping up with creative activities such as drawing were out of reach sometimes. So we came up with a few different concepts, and tested the concepts with potential users.

After all of our research, we tried to come up with fun ways to motivate people to stay hydrated—we didn’t want to limit this to just water, either. Since many people drink coffee to stay present and mindful throughout the day, they become dehydrated easily, and often forget to drink things like water or tea. We found that tea that contains a moderate level of caffeine could be a good starting alternative. However, because our main goal was to help people stay hydrated and healthy, we focused more on how to make our product more fun, and less complicated.

As a society, we tend to associate liquids with plants. We also find similarities between plants and humans. Plants need water just like us, and they grow as they drink! The right amount of water helps them grow steadily and healthily. On the other hand, too much or too little water can kill them. The name of this app comes from this core idea.

Before diving into UI design, we researched on products that are already out in the market and tried to get better ideas for UI.

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