Trouble In The Air: Ambient Air Pollution



Information Design 

This infographic visualizes the 5 years of air quality of Los Angeles, USA and Beijing, China from 2012 to 2017. This infographic poster explains the causes both cities share in common, and what and how both cities have been dealing with the purpose of educating other cities that are also struggling with air pollution.

The air quality of both cities is significantly different. In the past, Los Angeles experienced similar pollution issues to that of which Beijing is struggling with now. They share cause in common for the worsening of their respective air qualities—an enormous economic growth triggering an increase in the number of motorized vehicles, population growth, and excessive output from manufacturing. Additionally, natural causes, such as the cities’s surrounding topography and seasonal weather, affect local air pollution. What separates Los Angeles and Beijing now is that the former city experienced air pollution earlier and has been constantly studying causes and mitigations whereas Beijing had been relying on temporary solutions until the 2010s.

The Process
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